Sales increased by 14% in the first year, thanks to TikaDevice

A global manufacturer of advanced Surgical Specialty Products was faced with challenges unique to medical device companies. 

The sales team of 900 was under incredible pressure to understand and stay informed about every individual customer. Representatives had to understand their current inventory, buying habits, contract status to identify and position appropriate products effectively.

Customer Challenges -

  • The company’s traditional CRM only worked to manage information. It did not make the process any easier and user adoption was low.
  • It was a challenge to keep the data updated and resulted in significant data lag.
  • Essential sales information was not easily accessible; customer inventory and contracts data were typically only available through convoluted and time-consuming internal processes and calls.
  • Keeping track of updated information became very difficult and prone to human errors.

To learn more about how TikaDevice solved this challenge with its cloud-based mobile platform and subsequently increased sales by 14% in the first year, download the case study today. 

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